October 2008


The Robinsons, always together, never miss a show

The Robinsons, always together, never miss the show

Maurie Cronsom tunes to the first FraudKast show

Maurie Crinsom tuning onto the first FraudKast

The revolution will not be televised.

But it will be blog-i-vised.

Good rates still available.

Good rates still available.

The FraudKast.

The webernet’s first 100% improvised public radio parody podcast.


This is the blog portion of our show.

From here we blog to you: the internets.

You will see or rather hear the audio portion of the show by clicking a link to be posted shortly, shawty.

We hope you enjoy our audio blog and its delicious content.  If you do.  Then let us know.  Otherwise, we won’t know.  And knowing is better then not-knowing.  You know?

Who knows.  All we know is you better get ready for Episode #1.  dropping…….now-ish.