A man in China enjoying the show  

Chinese man enjoying the FraudKast a PRO product

What is PRO? 

PRO (Public RadiO…) is an international maker and show-er of made up newsy like programs, concerning news, entertainment and that other thing. A privately supported, we-aren’t-doing-this-for-money-although-make-an-offer-we’re –listening approach to production, PRO serves a growing uncountable amount of persons and peoples internationally and universally. Each weekly episode has a distinctive combination of made up and improvised material. It’s the best of both worlds: yours and ours.


What Programs Does PRO Produce and Distribute?

PRO produces and distributes more than three (3) minutes of original programming on location, in the studio, each week. All of which are improvised. All of which are then edited. Which makes perfect sense.

Who Works at PRO?

Who doesn’t work at PRO is the more logical question? Each episode is carefully improvised with a limitless number of eager correspondents. Navigate to the credits page where our cast list is updated with vigor.

How Can I Listen to PRO?

You can learn more about the listening to PRO at our web page The Fraudkast. On this page you will find information about listening to PRO domestically and internationally and at home on the internet, podcasts, and that’s it.